Emmanuel Shadary, Secrétaire permanent du PPRD, parti cher à Joseph Kabila ancien président de la RDC, a échangé ce lundi 20 juillet avec Emily Maltman, Ambassadeur de Grande Bretagne en RDC sur la situation politique actuelle.

“Nous avons partagé sur la situation politique, du Covid-19, et de tout ce qui se passe à l’Est du pays”, a t-elle dit au sortir de cette rencontre.

En outre, elle rassure que la Grande Bretagne fera de son mieux pour aider la RDC à surmonter les difficultés dont elle fait face.

Il sied de noter qu’actuellement la RDC fait face à plusieurs problèmes, notamment la pandémie qui sévit depuis le mois de mars dernier, l’Ebola à l’Equateur, la guerre à l’Est du pays et tant d’autres.



  1. To the United-States of America
    The people of the Democratique Republic of the Congo have firm conviction that America has enormous potential to help the Congo and its people lead a normal life. As you might be aware Congolese people are being killed on a daily basis by Joseph Kabila and its agents in a baseless way. Women are being raped every sixty minutes by third parties catalyzed by Joseph Kabila and its people. These criminals are easy to locate; however, they cannot be arrested simply because they are under the shield of Joseph Kabila, the untouchable man. Audacious as he Is, Joseph Kabila does not only murder Congolese, he targets as well humanitarian workers who assist Congolese in solving some of the problems they confront. Think about the dramatic ways Michael Sharp and Zaida Catalan died while on a humanitarian mission in the Congo. Think about the way they were misled by Congolese Intelligence. Think about Blue barrettes under MOUNSCO who confronts death on a quotidian ground on the Congolese sol. These are some of the demonic deeds in which Joseph Kabila and its disciples excel. Besides, Joseph Kabila and its administration have looted Congolese public funds that are kept in financial institutions all over the world. As pioneers of democracy here on earth, the Congolese people call upon your expertise to help them rid of Joseph Kabila. Kabila is a danger not only to the Congo but also to the world. Do not wait until it is late. The time to act is now. The very way His Excellency Donald Trump has made America great; Congo can be turned into a prosperous land without Joseph Kabila.


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